Principal Owner – Wendell Blankenship
Big American Media Offers Simple Media and Sales Solutions that Work!

Big American Media Offers Simple Communication and Sales Solutions that Work!

The Idea is any Business can Make Media Compete for New and Loyal Consumers against The World’s Largest Business Networks with Effective and Efficient and Locally Scaled Budgets… Essentially, Beat the Big Boys Locally and Getting More Customers for Less.

The Concept is to Target People while they are Actually Spending Money in the Neighborhood. By Using Referral Networks, Digital, and Physical Media. The intent is to Directly Attract Consumers to do Business and to Retain them as Customers… Not to Communicate with them via Media Outlets who can Sell them to Competitors.

The Goal is to Make your Media Impression Bold Big Media …Beating your Competition to a Better Customer Experience… Leading Directly to Longer Relationships.

The Big American Media Team:

Will Stone Blankenship – Producer, Photo Moderator, Sound Recording, Mixing, Digital Media & Posting Asst.

Josh Lampright – Director of Digital & Social Media, Video Channels, Game Producer

Mervin Louque – Sound Recording, Mixing & Mastering Engineer & Producer

Robert White – Creative and Commercial Illustrator

Chris Herlevic – Animator, Video Producer & Motion Graphic Artist

Shaundra Lenae – Web Designer & Graphic Artist

Wendell Wells Blankenship – Principal Owner

Contact via cell# 615-838-4080

My Business Experience:

WWW & Network Syndication: Tube Channel –

Point of Sale Referral Marketing:

Register Tape Programs in Kroger, Safeway, Winn Dixie, etc. through RTUI in US & CA

Broadcast & Media:

Grand Ole Opry – WSM AM/FM

CMT/TNN Radio Network

Cromwell Group 102.9 The Buzz – The Party – The Light

Nashville FOX TV Affiliate

The Bones Radio Theater & Bonafide

Stoner Broadcasting WIMZ Knoxville – WBYU New Orleans

Alternative & Network Banking

Convenient Cash – Payroll Check Cashing, Payday, Title Loans

Merchant Services Inc of TN, Credit, Debit, EBT, ATM, and Loyaty-Gift Programs

My Personal Interests:

Former President – Exchange Club of South Nashville

Former Board Member/Treasurer – Child Abuse Prevention Center (Exchange Clubs)

Trained/Licensed in Real Estate, Health & Life Insurance & Mutual Fund sales, Active Trader

Permitted – Built – Rent 7 residential units

Single Custodial Father of Daughter & Son (now adults)

Bering Sea Crab Fisherman …yes, Deadliest Catch

Yellow Taxi Driver

George Peabody College (Vanderbilt University)

Grew Up in Knoxville, TN Business Family – Helped operate

Private Fire Department, Waste Mgmt Company, Shoe Store chain, and Used Car lot

Graduated Webb School of Knoxville ‘79